How To Choose A Recliner

The recliner is one of the best furniture investments you can make. It is exquisite, comfortable and functional, with a lot of variants to choose from. In this article, we’re going to talk to you about buying the right recliner for you. So there are a couple things that you need to consider when you’re purchasing a recliner:

  1. The first is the physical space in the room and the scale of the chair. This means how much space you have in the area where the recliner is going to be. There are very different scale chairs in the market for different room sizes. Some recliners go very deep, very high and very wide. Other recliner chairs can be a bit more petite.
  2. Every recliner can be of two options. We have a rocker recliner and then there’s also a stationary wall recliner. The wall recliner is called so for a very good reason – when it’s fully reclined and you recline back in the chair, the chair slides forward into the room. On the other hand, the rocker recliner, when it’s fully reclined goes back into the wall. So if you have a wall right behind the chair, the wall recliner only requires about four inches of space whereas a rocker-recliner will require about 18 inches of space to fully recline in the chair.
  3. The other topic we’re going to discuss is about your physical body in relation to the chair and the scale of you sitting in the chair. Different recliners come for different body sizes and heights. If you sit on a recliner meant for a large person, you would have to reach out to the handle, making it a little bit more difficult to recline back. You should choose a chair for your height as it will make the handle closer to your body, giving you the optimum torque and angle to recline the chair. So you should find the chair which is more proportionate to your body and not too deep or too high to cause discomfort.
  4. The recliners operate in a number of different fashions depending on what you’re looking for. We have the traditional handle recliner, the power recliner (operates the power footrest as well as the power back) and the power lift recliner. The latter can lift up with the push of a button and comes with heat options, massage options, etc. The handle recliner has a three position footrest and, of course, you can fully refine to a fully laid out position. The power recliner option is available with a hand wand or buttons on the side of the chair.  A lift recliner is a great option for people with joint injuries, because the chair actually stands you to a position that’s easy to get to a walker, crunches, etc. It may not be so fast but it certainly does the job and lifts and reclines.
  5. To purchase a recliner for yourself or somebody you know, the best way to move forward is to first allocate a budget for the purchase. Once you are clear with the budget, you can see what type of recliner you want and the type of features that it comes with.