PriceCo’s main purpose is to support the John Volken Academy in its charitable endeavors. We provide John Volken Academy students with the opportunity to acquire proper life skills, social skills, and job skills. They learn how to become valuable employees or to successfully manage their own business.

The program is provided free of charge. It’s paid for by contributions from the John Volken Foundation, local businesses, private donors, and from PriceCo revenue.
All proceeds from the store (yes, every single penny!) goes directly towards maintaining the John Volken Academy.

1 thoughts on “Our Purpose

  1. Linda Devlin says:

    I have shopped here, many times. I bought, my entire bedroom set, from Price Co. The staff,
    is always pleasant, professional and courteous. Nathan, is the young man, that helps me. I always
    ask for Nathan . He assisted me, this week, when I was looking for a sofa. Your program, to help
    young men, become stable citizens, is marvelous. I always, make an effort, to encourage and thank
    any one I engage with at Price Co. Bravo for your excellent work your fabulous prices !

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