How To Choose A Sofa

Buying a sofa can be a very big investment so you want to make sure you know everything about judging market options and shortlisting ones that you require. At PriceCo, we have a variety of sofas for you to choose from. Our representatives will guide you along the way in making a correct buying decision. To help you get the knowledge of which sofa will be best for you, we have created this short article and listed down the important aspects below.

The first and most important step before buying a sofa is to determine its functionality in your living space. Do you want a sofa where the whole family can sit and watch TV together or do you want a sofa that is only for you and your girlfriend to sit or sleep on? Once you have this decided, you can then move on to the following steps:

  1. First of all look for the frame of the sofa. You need to check with the sofa company about what kind of wood they used to construct the frame. The frame needs to be sturdy and strong. For the best quality, you should go with a maple frame. The frame will be the biggest factor in determining how long your sofa will last without wearing out.
  2. Once you’ve determined what kind of frame you want, you need to check out the base of the sofa. If you want a good quality seating, you should go with the coil base system. The coils will make you feel like you are sitting on a mattress. They will also keep up the shape of the seating and prevent it from wearing down with time.  
  3. So you’ve made sure there’s a good frame and you’ve made sure there’s a good base. Now you need to look for the seat pillows. The best ones are cushiony but firm at the same time.  Most high quality sofa manufacturers use foam in the middle of their seating and then wrap it with down and feather, which allows the seating to be very comfortable. The same is the case for the back pillows. There’s usually no foam in them; it’s all down and feather. If you want your back pillows to be a little firmer, you can ask your fabricator of the sofa to inject more feather. If your back pillow bounces back to its original shape after you stand up, you know that it is high quality.
  4. Next thing to have an eye out for is the fabric. It is recommended to get a sofa with synthetic fiber fabric. The synthetic fabric is really good for spot cleaning, which is not possible with other type of fabrics. You can also get a sofa with a slip cover. The slip cover is usually made of cotton or linen. The cotton variant can be taken out and washed at home, but the linen variant needs to be dry cleaned.  Although a bit old in fashion, the slipcovers are always a good idea because it will hide the legs of the sofa and give a more uniform appearance, if you want that look.

This concludes our short guide. After reading this article, we hope that you have learned how to judge a good quality sofa from a poor one. If you still have doubts regarding your shopping decision, you can always reach out to us or visit our store.