3 Tips For Choosing A New Bed

The PriceCo bed showroom has a huge selection of beds featuring our best products. You can find great quality beds at every price level and our experts are on hand to help you make the right choice, to improve the quality of your sleep.

Tips For Buying A Bed

Get the right size: Make a scale plan of your bedroom, checking any possible obstacles to the safe delivery of your bed.

Check the types of beds: There is a huge choice of finishes and many are part of a matching range of bedroom furniture:

  1. Divan beds are formed of two parts: a base, with either a solid top or firm support or a sprung top, and a mattress, which sits on top of the base.
  2. Storage drawers help with space issues.
  3. Adjustable beds are ideal if you suffer with back problems or mobility issues or you simply want to control the position in which you sleep or watch TV storage.
  4. Ottomans give the whole base area over to storage; the hinged platform lifts using tension springs or gas lift struts.

Try it in person: Did you know that most of us spend over a third of our lives in bed? This is why it is essential that you try a bed before buying it. A lot of adults suffer from back pain and a major cause of this is sleeping on a poor bed. It’s vital to try before you buy. It is recommended that you buy the biggest bed you can afford and fit; try a selection of bed and mattress types testing all your sleeping positions. If you sleep with a partner, bring them with you as it’s important that your new bed suits you both.

Our Mattress

Our mattresses are graded from firm to soft and depending on which level you prefer. You need one that suits your body shape; there are several types of sprung mattress: open coil, continuous springs, pocket springs and combination springs. They correctly align your spine while you sleep. Generally, the more springs, the more support the mattress will offer. Memory foam mattresses molds to the shape of your body, providing unique support whilst promoting natural movement; many are hypoallergenic.  


When you come to our store, it is recommended that you have an idea of what you want to purchase in your mind. Once you are aware of what type of bed you really want, our experts can easily show you the best products in your requirements. If you cannot make up your mind, you can always visit our showroom and check out all the products we have. While it may be time-consuming, it will help you in eventually finding a bed that fits the best with your body type and sleeping style.

For details about shipping time and shipping costs, you can check out the available details on the bottom section of our website. In case of any confusion before, during or after buying your bed from PriceCo, you can always reach out to our customer support and we would be glad to help you with your situation.