7 Wall Art Trends

Wall art decorations have become one of the trends people are currently going crazy about; most of these decorations are easy to do, with easy-to-find materials. You don’t even need to have a background in the field of professional arts like interior design, and fine arts to be able to make yourself one.

With all the wall art ideas scattered throughout the internet, you’ll clearly notice one thing: art does know no boundaries; even if you only have magazines, some popsicle sticks, hot glue, and a pair of scissors, you can still turn your wall into something that’s aesthetically pleasing – far from the plainly painted and boring one you used to have.

If you’re trying to find wall art inspirations, you’ve come to the right place. Below are 7 wall art trends that most people are decorating their walls with:

Monogram Wall Art

The great thing about monograms is that they give a personal touch that links the object to the artist (or the piece owner). Most people choose to give monogrammed projects as small presents; however, monograms don’t just look nice on notebooks and bags, it can also give a fine and classy accent as a wall decoration. You can use a frame or any flat material – like cardboard or rustic wood for the border, or you can just recycle a cereal box and cut a letter on it. You can have it plain or you can decorate it according to your preferences. Give it a floral touch by attaching faux flowers on it or make it look vintage by painting it; the sky is the limit.

Popsicle Stick Shadowbox

Oh, what can you possibly make out of a bunch of popsicle sticks and hot glue? A lot of cool projects! Shadowbox is one of these; just stack the sticks with hot glue, following the shape you want it to have (most people go for hexagon). Have it painted and you’ll barely know it’s made up of sticks.

Framed Clothesline Photo Wall Decoration

If you’re a Polaroid junkie, this wall decoration is something you’d want to have. Grab a frame, arrange the strings in rows, secure each with pins, and there you have it! For additional decorative touches, you can paint the frame or the background; you can also make use of washi tapes.

Framed Woven Paper

Woven artwork pieces will always be part of the art trend; the way it’s made is art, itself. Give your wall space a unique and cultural accent by putting up woven art pieces. You can use colored strips of paper, and weave it according to your preferred design.

Inspirational Message Board

It’s always nice to have something that will keep you inspired all the time. Having a personalized inspirational board helps create a healthier and more productive environment, especially in workplaces and at home. Just get your favorite quote ready, and paint it on any material that you can hang up on your wall.

Magazine Collage Wall Art

If you’re a crafter that loves the idea of recycling, this one is for you. This art piece is probably one of the easiest to do, plus the materials are already available. Just look for a figure you want on your wall, make an outline, and glue the magazine strips.

Abstract Painting

Of course, abstract paintings won’t be missing in a trends list. Beautiful abstract pieces are sure to spice up your wall, leaving a great impression to everyone who sees it. Mixed colors, together with its texture, will surely make your plain wall come to life.


Who knew wall art can become a thing? People with creative talents continue to share the beautiful things we can do, even with limited materials on-hand. Above are 7 wall art trends that you can use to brighten up your wall space.